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Chinese Food:

Are you searching for Chinese Food? Are you planning to go out tonight for dinner? Want to try something new? Why not Chinese food?

Chinese food is not only delicious but is known for its health benefits too, this brings us to the popular healthy Chinese people which are known for kung fu. Yeah, but how are Chinese people so healthy, of course, the answer is Chinese food and if I should mention the diversity in Chinese cuisine, the perfect combination of taste and feel.

Chinese Food and Types of Chinese Food:


Cantonese Cuisine:

The widely known and most mesmerizing Chinese cuisine is Cantonese cuisine also known as Yue cuisine which is the specialty of Guangzhou city in China. Cantonese food is famous because of its simple cooking style and its non-spicy taste.

Shandong cuisine:

Now, this is the best and most eaten type of Chinese cuisine in the world, yes and it is also part of the four great traditions of china. 

Jiangsu cuisine:

Now let’s move towards the seafood tradition, one of my personal favorite’s and I bet that you should try it if you are a fan of traditional seafood because of the soft heating style of cooking it perfectly and deliciously with the presentation, of course, makes you want to eat more.

To find out the best rated Chinese food restaurants in your city visit Chinese_Food_Near_Me. Now, let’s move towards the Top 10 Chinese Dishes.


The 10 Best Chinese Food dishes You should try:

1. Sweet and Sour Pork:

If you think we would have missed this in the Chinese food menu you are wrong. Because when we say we are talking about the Chinese Food menu we must put braised pork on the top of the list.

If you seriously want to try Chinese food kind of feel you must try the braised pork. You can find and order this dish anywhere in the USA. China Express in New York serves this dish with a very decent price and mouthwatering deliciousness.

The dish is full of flavors and the pork is so tender and flavorful that it satisfies your appetite on a great level. People all across the US devour this dish at lunch and dinner. Sweet and sour pork as the name tells you enough, it’s both sweet and tangy. The pork is battered and crisp as to the liking of people


2. Crab Rangoon:

Savor the taste of the Crab Rangoon in any restaurant with a Chinese food menu. These crab puffs are served as dim sum appetizers in any American Chinese restaurants and are crispy and delightful.

When combined with a dip of your choice, you keep coming back for more. Golden Dragon Kitchen in New York serves Crab Rangoon as their haute cuisine.


3. General Tso’s chicken:

Sweet, tangy and spicy and lightly battered crispy chicken is the most ordered dish in the United States. General Tso’s chicken is NOT your regular chicken! It is more than some gloopy, saccharine sauce.

It is a sweet and deep-fried chicken that tastes best when served hot. To find a Chinese food menu now to devour this chicken to satisfy your cravings.


4. Wonton Soup :

Mouthwatering? Isn’t it? Wonton Soup tastes as good as it looks and a bowl full of it is guaranteed to give you a foodgasm. It is easier to find this dish in any Chinese food menu as it does not cost much but its taste is priceless.

The Wonton Soup is mostly consumed as breakfast but it can also be served with a combination of fried rice. It is the most popular Chinese food in America.


5. Fried Rice:

Fried rice gives a satisfactory nod to your appetite. It is not only healthy but hearty delicious. Not only that, it goes with almost every kind of chicken, pork or combination of fish, crabs or prawns.

Fried rice is one of the most authentic Chinese food which can be made according to your choice of toppings. This is also one of the most ordered Chinese food in America. Almost every Chinese food menu serves this dish and also in a hearty volume.


6. Orange chicken:

Of course, the name tells you the chicken would be orange. The main ingredient is orange juice which gives it a citrusy flavor which makes it taste so so divine.

Order this now from any Chinese food restaurant near you if it sounds so unbelievable. North American Chinese restaurants offer a variety of orange chicken with reasonable prices and quality.

In America, it is sold in a high number every day at the time of lunch and dinner and takeouts. This tangy and flavorful dish aims to calm your hunger and the need for delicious food in every way possible.


7. Beef and broccoli:

It is not what it looks like! Beef and broccoli is not just a mere combination of these two things. The beef is cooked into the aroma of several sauces and sugar to give it a delightful taste.

It takes lesser time to prepare, so when you are starving and want something to satisfy your guts then you must order beef and broccoli from a Chinese food restaurant near you as it takes merely 15 minutes to prepare and it’s healthier than other Chinese foods. It is cheap which gives it more advantages than any other dishes being served.


8. Mongolian Beef :

It is tastier than it looks. The cost maybe a bit high but the taste is satisfactory enough to keep coming for more. This dish is mainly served as a classical food in Mongolian restaurants but American Chinese restaurants near you also serve this dish with great taste and quality.

The beef in this dish is combined with scallions and mixed vegetables. It is not much spicy and people tend to eat it along with steamed rice or maybe fried rice or egg fried rice. In the US, people also eat it with crispy noodles.

Its wonderfully tender meat is full of flavors that you may want to make this your every weekend meal or maybe an everyday meal.


9. Egg Rolls :

Egg rolls are served as appetizers with a dip of your choice. One of the tastiest dim sum snacks. Crispy from the outside yet it envelops all the taste inside it.

The meat of your choice and ingredients are all packed into a cylindrical, savory roll and deep-fried to enhance the taste. It can be found all across the United States. Some restaurants serve this dish as a compliment.

There is a wide choice of egg rolls that are offered by the restaurants including pork, chicken, shrimp and even vegetarian.


10. Chow mein:

Chow mein is a widely consumed fast food across the world. In the United States, it is served as both lunch and dinner and can be found in every city and every restaurant with Chinese food near you. This is not some ordinary stir-fried noodles, Chow mein rather specializes in carrying an aroma of sesame oil and soy sauce. It is a classical Chinese dish with stir-fried egg noodles that are made crispy and combined with shredded chicken, meat, fish or vegetables.


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